The Texas Department of Transportation made a stop at Ingram Park Mall on Saturday to educate shoppers about the dangers of distracted driving as part of its "Talk, Text, Crash" campaign aimed at teaching Texans the importance of attentive driving.

In 2016, almost 500 Texans died in crashes related to distracted driving, with 50 of those deaths happened in San Antonio according to the Texas Peace Officer's Crash Reports.

The mall exhibit included interactive displays that showcased the stories of families who lost loved ones because of distracted driving. There was also a distracted driving simulator that allowed people to experience first-hand how using their phone in the car can impair their driving.

"The best tool is not to have the phone with you in the front seat at all. It's very important that you have that in the back seat and turned off or even put on mute," said Laura Lopez from TxDOT.

Distracted driving was also the cause of 100,000 crashes in Texas last year, with 23,000 of those happening in San Antonio.