With temperatures continuing to drop and the potential for some precipitation this weekend, TxDOT is preparing the roadways for the holiday weekend.

TxDOT said they've been strategically putting saltwater brine down on the major roadways since Tuesday. They especially targeted areas like the Hill Country where they expect to see freezing temperatures until the middle of next week.

"Saltwater brine is a lot less expensive, it's a lot less temperamental and it's a lot easier for us to store so there are a lot of advantages to using it," said Josh Donat, public information officer from TxDOT said,

They say saltwater brine will do the trick when it comes to slick roads in case it rains.

"It's the wheels that are on the road that create friction that heat the road back up to get it above freezing and turn that water into slush and get it off the roadway," Donat said.

Despite the freak snowfall in early December, TxDOT says they're in no jeopardy of running out of brine.

"We do have some salt coming in on order as backup in case this freezing event next week stretches a couple more days than what we anticipated, but again it's not that tough for us to get ahold of," Donat said.

TxDOT will be monitoring the roadways and clearing up any slushy buildup that might happen. They say with the combination of weather and New Year's, it's even more important to be vigilant on the roads.

"Slow down, increase your following distance, put the phone away, eliminate distractions, make sure you're paying attention to driving. Most of those crashes that happen in these conditions happen because someone is surprised. They're driving too fast and they have to make an immediate correction and anytime the pavement is wet, not even icy, but wet that immediate correction is going to turn into a crash," Donat said.

If you are planning to hit the roads this holiday weekend, city officials recommend using a taxi or rideshare service like Uber. Uber says they expect New Year's Eve to be their busiest night of the year. They remind riders to check their ride before getting into the car to avoid imposter drivers.