A central San Antonio bridge on Interstate 35 near the Government Hill neighborhood isn't too easy on the eye.

Texas Department of Transportation addressed remodeling debacle on its blog admitting, "It looks...well, terrible."

The remodeling of the New Braunfels Avenue overpass started in 2016. TxDOT said they had just finished the first half of the project when the arched windows began shifting.

"The arched windows of the bridge rail are made by pieces of Styrofoam inside the concrete forms. When concrete was poured these Styrofoam chunks shifted. In some cases they shifted a lot. Nobody could see what was happening until the forms were removed, which happened the weekend we demolished the remainder of the old bridge,"

They're working on reconstructing the windows and said it will be done on its prime contractor's dime.

TxDOT says the aesthetic issue has nothing to do with the actual structure of the bridge and that it's safe.

No word on when the full remodel will be complete.

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