A motel fire early Friday morning sent two people to the hospital with serious burns and displaced 18 motel guests.

The fire started around 4:30 in a room at the Ever Kleen Motel at 1300 block of Roosevelt Avenue.

Witnesses say they thought they heard a man and a woman arguing shortly before the fire broke out. Nearly a dozen San Antonio firefighters were on the scene. The blaze was contained primarily to one room shortly after 5 AM Friday.

San Antonio Fire Dept. Chief Charles Hood called the fire an "explosion." As the department continues their investigation, they say the fire was started accidentally and was fueled by the natural gas at the motel.

"There was some kind of an explosion that blew the door off the hinges," Hood said. "We are very fortunate that there weren't more people injured in this incident."

Motel manager Nick Patel said the couple who got burned were locals who had been tenants for less than a week. Patel said nothing about the two seemed suspicious.

The chief says the two injured victims were severely burned, including one with burns covering 70% of his body. The man and woman were taken to SAMMC for treatment. A third victim was treated for smoke inhalation.

Patel said the fire will shut down half of his motel. He reached out to the Red Cross to help the displaced guests.