Police are looking for two men who crashed into a west-side house and injured a woman early Wednesday morning.

The truck slammed into the house on Luxemburg Drive near South Acme Road and West Commerce.

Police say a woman and a one-year-old baby were asleep in one bed and were hit by the truck, launching them into the backyard.

The woman was injured and was taken to University Hospital. The baby had a few scrapes. The father and a six-year-old child were asleep in another bed in that room and they did not have any major injuries.

Police say family members saw two men fleeing from the truck after the crash, both likely in their 40's. They say they did apprehend a man nearby but they're unsure if he was one of the men in the truck.

This is the second morning in a row a truck has hit a home in the San Antonio area. Tuesday morning, a truck hit a home near Converse. No one was injured in that accident and the driver was not charged.