SAN ANTONIO - A trio accused of carrying out a crime spree after shooting a postal worker near Spring Branch made their first public appearance since being arrested Wednesday.

All three appeared before a federal judge just before noon Thursday for an initial appearance. It was an informal hearing where all three were appointed attorneys. While facts of the case weren't discussed, that didn't stop the suspected gunman from talking.

Bradley A'Hearn, whose face was covered in scratches and scabs, claims San Antonio Police officers slammed his head on the concrete when they arrested him outside the Sunset Inn Motel on Roosevelt near Steves avenues Wednesday.

Bradley A'Hearn mugshot (PHOTO: BCSO)

An SAPD spokesperson questions that story, but declined to comment further.

A'Hearn's codefendants, Piper Lee and Sara Richford, walked confidently into the courthouse with no visible injuries.

A'Hearn is the man who investigators believe shot a postal worker near Spring Branch on Saturday.

Piper Lee mug shot (PHOTO: BCSO)

According to an affidavit, A'Hearn shot the woman in the leg when she refused to give him her cell phone. A'Hearn is accused of stealing the woman's truck, then firing a shot at federal agent when the agent tried stopping him.

A'Hearn, Lee and Richford are accused of fleeing from officers Monday and Tuesday during high profile exchanges near Broadway and Loop 410 and North Star Mall.

Sara Richford mug shot (PHOTO: BCSO)

Their run ended at the Sunset Inn Motel. Officers were reportedly tipped off that the trio was there with a large amount of mail and a gun in their room.

Despite all the chaos, no one besides the postal worker was ever seriously injured.

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At this time A'Hearn, Lee, and Richford have not been indicted. Their cases have to go to a grand jury first.

Each face a variety of charges, including some that carry a maximum of 20 to 25 year prison sentences.

A'Hearn is back in court next week for a preliminary examination and detention hearing. Lee and Richford are back the first week of March for their proceedings.