First responders in Seguin found themselves needing assistance after a freak accident in which a tree feel on a fire truck while responding to a call.

Crews onboard Seguin Fire Department’s Engine One were in route to a rescue call on Saturday afternoon when the wind started picking up. And then the unthinkable happened:

A tree fell on the truck.

“Literally slicing through the front tab, right between the driver and front passenger seat,” said Morgan Ash with the City of Seguin.

Thankfully, no one was injured.

Crews spent most of the day trimming trees in the area off Highway 46. Powerlines were snapped and mailboxes were down but no injuries were reported.

“It’s just miraculous that are still alive today,” Ash said.

A man who the first responders were called out to help was rescued and the firefighters were reassigned.

“I think they are still in shock today (Sunday). They really did close close to death [on Saturday],” Ash described. “We are so glad it hit in the middle and didn’t go one way or another, and they are still with us today working hard to save people’s lives.”

The trucks are worth about half a million dollars.

Officials in Seguin say that Engine One is a complete loss.