SAN ANTONIO - Drowning is the second leading cause of death for children under 14, according to the USA Swimming Foundation. In Bexar County, three-year-old Majesty Johnson is recovering at University Hospital because of a near drowning experience.

East Central Independent School District Police Officers said the incident all started with a traffic stop Tuesday night. A Ford pickup truck was speeding in the wrong lane in a southeast Bexar County neighborhood.

Cpl. Roy Mora, with the police department, pulled over the driver.

"When I made contact with the driver, he told me his grandmother just called him and told him that his nephew was drowning," Mora said. "At that point, I had to make a decision whether or not he was telling me the truth or just trying to get out of a ticket."

Mora took the driver's word for it. He followed behind him to the 6600 block of Stuart Road where they arrived to find the driver's family members yelling for help.

"We ran to the back. At this point, we see that there's a child there unresponsive," Mora said. "The grandmother said she was doing CPR, but it was not working. He was not breathing."

That's when Mora and his partner, Officer Edward Puente, took turns giving the child CPR for about 10 minutes until they revived him.

The child's grandmother said he had been swimming in the backyard for about an hour when the boy's older sister ran out of the water and told her the boy was drowning.

"Grandma went out there and saw him underneath the surface, jumped in and she was able to have him come back up and that's when she pulled him out of the pool," Mora said.

The officers are glad they were there to help save the boy's life but say there's a few ways families can prepare themselves for these kinds of emergencies.

"Be trained in CPR, first aid," Officer Puente said. "Not only the adults but the teenagers. If you have backyard pools, make sure you have rescue equipment."

There is still no word on the child's condition.