The Texas Public Interest Group released its annual report of the list of dangerous and toxic toys being sold on store shelves.

Today, the consumer group held a press conference along with U.S. representative Lloyd Doggett and doctors from the Children's Hospital of San Antonio to discuss the dangers. They showed a few examples of hazardous toys including a fidget spinner that contained high amounts of lead and the Party Time My Friend Cayla Doll that was a privacy concern.

"This doll is capable of listening to the answers of young children and responding. What we found is that this doll is actually recording those responses and storing them as data. That is a real problem for all of the kids who have this doll," said Bay Scoggin, TexPIRG spokesman.

Dr. Mark Gilger showed another example of a toy that was made up of multiple magnet balls that come apart and look like candy to little kids.

"We actually got them banned from the market about 5 years ago and it plummeted the number of injuries we were seeing with kids. But they're back," said Gilger. "Even our teenagers, they take them to mimic piercing's of the nose and the mouth and the lips and the tongue. They inadvertently swallow one and they got the same problem."

The magnet balls can cause severe damage to the intestine and often, require surgery to remove them.

"As you can guess, doing surgery to take a little toy out of a baby makes no sense at all," said Gilger.

Representative Doggett also, warned of making toy purchases outside of the major retailers.

"The TexPIRG and the national PIRG have been successful in getting toys off the market but that doesn't mean they aren't still available for sale. Here in our area, families will be doing their shopping in a flea market or a garage sale," said Doggett.

For the full list of toys in this year's Trouble in Toyland report, click here.