SAN ANTONIO -- Lines of voters wrap around buildings all over the city Monday, as San Antonians turn out in masses for the first day of early voting.

The lines formed at 8 a.m. Monday and people patiently waited, even as the line twisted and turned, snaking its way throughout Wonderland of the Americas.

At its peak, the wait was two hours. However, no one KENS 5 met was upset about the wait, but they did have strong feelings about voting in this election.

“Just get it over with,” voters told KENS 5 over and over again.

First-time voters Ariel and Auburne Deaton were a little less pessimistic. They waited for about an hour at the Great Northwest Library off Culebra.

“It's exciting, the turnout the long line that we're standing in,” said Auburne. “It's really exciting that people are participating.”

This is by no means the first time Mary Miller has voted, but it is her first time early voting.

“It's the most horrible election I’ve ever participated in,” said Miller. “I’ve heard mudslinging before but this is the worst. It’s made me apprehensive. ‘Am I voting right…for the common good?’”

Despite some apprehension, voters said they're eager to be part of the what could be a historic election.