How about a Ferrari?

One option for the newly-minted mega-millionaire might be an apex auto, like a new Ferrari GTC4 Lusso.

"The price for a 12-cylinder Ferrari is usually about $300,000,” Enver Kaba, General Manager at Ferrari of San Antonio said. “They really are all custom, so everyone is different."

At noon Wednesday, the cash option for the Powerball jackpot crept up to about 278.3 million. That would buy more than 900 of these super luxury cars.

But before you step out in style, you'll need appropriate Texas millionaire footwear, like a custom Lucchese boot.

"This guy here is called the Baron,” Lucchese General Manager Stacy Stone said, “top and bottom alligator, and sells for $12,995."

Wow. Why so much?

"Alligator belly is by far the most expensive material we use and the most desired." Stone said.

And if you desire, you could buy about 21,000 pairs.

How about some really big-ticket Texas shopping? The Smith Ranch in Sherman County, now listed at $5.4 million. You could buy 54 of them.

A custom Skyranch One jet at $75 million, you could afford three.

Or the giant Crespi-Hicks mansion in Dallas at $135 million. You could buy it twice.

If you went shopping outside of Texas, how about the Oppenheimer Blue diamond? One of the biggest? It just sold for $57.5 million. You could afford four.

Or a pricey painting by French artist Cezanne. One just sold for $272 million. You could afford that.

Or a space flight on the Virgin Galactic round-trip is only $250,000. You could take that ride more than 1,100 times.

But back to those boots. Nothing says new money like Alligator boots.

"If you win the lottery, why not?” Stone asked. “You can afford the best, and this is the best."