Thieves targeted a house of worship in the middle of remodeling, and it's not the first time the Friendship Center sanctuary has been sacked.

In fact, one south-side neighborhood seems to be a prime target for vandals. Pastor Tony Perez said the first incident happened two weeks ago.

"They stole our compressors, our nailer's, air-hoses, jacks just about all the tools we had for remodeling our building," Perez said.

Construction started inside the sanctuary in January.

"Right now we are going to have to hire somebody to do it when we could have done it ourselves," Perez said.

About a week later, there was another break-in. This time two BBQ pits were stolen. They were donated to the church by a Rockport family who survived Harvey. The church helped them out during the rebuild.

"We've helped many families with food," he said. "We've helped many people in this community. When you take from us, it just makes it harder for us to serve."

The Flores family who owns Esmeralda's Auto Sales said thieves tried to get in through their roof. The business is right next door to the church.

"They didn't get in, but they were trying to," Alex Flores said. "Luckily, there was a tree so there wasn't enough space for them to get in."

They did manage to steal a stereo from a vehicle and several tools. The thieves cut the cables on their surveillance cameras, so there's no video.

The stolen property at both places off Pleasanton Road is valued at close to $20,000.

"Stop doing what you are doing," Perez said. "Get a job and you will be a lot happier."