Somebody silence the fat lady - it's not yet over for the San Antonio Symphony.

The symphony's board has decided the show must go on for the symphony, rescinding their previous decision to cancel the remainder of this year's performances.

Craig Sorgi, the negotiating chair for Musicians of the San Antonio Symphony, confirmed the news Saturday morning.

According to Sorgi, new President of the Symphony Society Katherine Weir Vale and the rest of the board held talks Friday evening to decide the future of the symphony. In that meeting, Vale said that the previous decision was unacceptable, and a new vote was taken.

The announcement was made known to the audience and the performers by symphony conductor Sebastian Lang-Lessing during a break in Friday night's performance, Sorgi said. The news was met with a huge roar of applause from the audience in attendance.

Sorgi says the musicians are overjoyed and that the support system from the community has been awesome. Wednesday's announcement of the cancellation led to public outcry denouncing the vote.

The symphony, which has been around since the 30's, has been bankrupt before due to the lack of an endowment. This year's season had roughly 20 weeks of concerts left.

While the board has voted to move forward to salvage the symphony, it remains unclear if the entire season will continue as scheduled. Sorgi says that they were hard at work to put on as much of the rest of the concert season as possible.

A non-profit group had planned to take over the symphony this year, but financial problems caused the deal fall apart.