A Houston rapper is quickly making a quite the name for himself with viral videos show him throwing out cash to unsuspecting guests at Whataburger.

First it was a restaurant in Missouri City, and now he's hit another in Pearland.

“So a whole bunch of people actually showed up. I didn’t think anyone was going to come, actually," said Houston rapper Trillzaee.

Rapper Trillzaee and his friends were making it rain inside – of all places – a Pearland Whataburger.

“And then I just stood on the table, and threw the money and everybody just went crazy. They were pushing each other and stuff," Trillzaee said.

Trillzaee says he’s trying to make a name for himself.

“Why not just do something crazy? Something that everybody remembers?” Trillzaee said.

And it’s working.

“Twitter is blowing up, and everybody is following me. Everybody is showing love. Everybody supporting. Even though I had that at first, this is putting me on another level," Trillzaee said.

Trillzaee says he’s dropped – yes, dropped – three songs in the past few months.

He’s named the stunts "bankroll."

“Bankroll is about living life right and living life to the fullest, and just not having any regrets," Trillzaee said.

And in keeping with that mantra, Trillzaee says he may soon cash out at Whataburger and stop by somewhere more deserving.

“My mom was telling me to do some homeless shelters or something like that," Trillzaee said.

He says it’s just the beginning, and in his hands, another wad of cash ready to be scooped up by fans he hopes will follow.

“Just a couple months ago, I wouldn’t think of something like this happening. It’s just a dream. Now it’s just coming to reality, and I'm just blessed," Trillzaee said.

Where the money comes from, Trillzaee said, is classified.

But what’s not classified is he says they will be doing more cash drops in the future.