Sex trafficking experts say that they believe two missing Humble High School teens may have been the victims of trafficking.

The Humble Independent School District says Ame Carr, 14, was last seen on Thursday, December 7, 2017 in her first period class. She has not been seen since.

Four days later, on Monday, December 11, Alexander Irizarry-Avila, 15, was last seen walking into the woods next to Humble High School.

Carr lives with her grandmother, Carol Mary. She received a call from the Humble High attendance office the day her granddaughter went missing.

Ame Carr, 14, was last seen on Thursday, December 8, 2017 at Humble High School. 

"I left work and went home and went in her room, and most of her clothes were gone, and her make-up of course,” Mary said. "And then there was no note or anything and I haven’t heard a thing from her since.”

Mary says her granddaughter met Irizarry a couple of months ago at school and they have been in a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship, in its loosest definition. Mary says they have never been out together unchaperoned and neither of them drive.

Certain elements of the teens separate disappearances has lead some local sex trafficking experts to believe the teens are being housed and financed by a predator.

"They left their phones at home, they did not take them,” Mary said. “Purposefully, I would assume so they could not be tracked.”

Carr did not leave a note but Irizarry did.

“[Irizarry was] telling [his mother in the note] he’d check in once a week, telling her he’s OK,” Mary said. "Of course he said 'Don’t call the police because it would make it that much harder for me to come home.'”

Alexander Irizarry-Avila, 15, was last seen on Monday, December 11, 2017 walking into the woods next to Humble High School.

Neither of the teens have any money and neither of them work. Mary says neither of them stole anything before they left their homes.

“This is not a simple case of potentially a boyfriend and a girlfriend,” said sex-trafficking expert Debi Tengler, Chief Relations Officer at Arrow Child & Family Ministries. "There could be somebody outside of the spectrum who is either forcing her, coercing her, threatening her.”

Tengler says one out of three sex-trafficking cases is of a boy. Humble ISD police took the report from both of the teens’ families.

The school district sent the following emailed statement to KENS 5 sister station KHOU on Friday:

"Humble ISD Police are working cooperatively with the families and Precinct 4 for the safe return of the students to their homes.”

Alexander Irizarry-Avila, 15, and Ame Carr, 14.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the teens is asked to call authorities right away.

Anonymous tips can be made to (936) 894-3238 or (832) 807-9421.

Arrow Child & Family Ministries and First Priority Search and Recovery are both assisting in locating the teens. Arrow operates one of Texas’ few rehabilitation centers for sex-trafficking victims in Spring. To learn more, click here.

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