A place that sees lots of quiet moments did not on Thursday. The Confederate War Memorial in Downtown Dallas is meant to honor the confederate soldiers in the American Civil War.

On Thursday, historian Michael Phillips and others led the charge to bring down those monuments.

"These monuments have done their insidious evil work. They have brainwashed generations," he said.

Phillips has been fighting for several weeks to bring enough petition signatures to the Dallas Mayor's desk. It started with a letter to scholars and pastors to help with the mission.

"I see my family," Rick of Texas Freedom Force said when asked what he sees in the memorial.

About 40 protestors showed up in solidarity with Phillips and his mission on Thursday. Twenty feet from them, a small group of men carrying confederate flags came to hear what was being said.

"To me, it's just ridiculous. I mean, that's history," said Rick. Each of the members spoke of great, great grandparents who fought and died for the South. Rick said he wanted to show up to protect their legacy.

"I think of the men that died, the suffering," he said.

Thursday came with considerable security. There were officers in uniforms and plain-clothes, just in case a topic as polarizing as this got out of hand.

There were only a few shouting matches between the two sides. It's hard to expect anybody swaying anyone that moment.

"As long as these monuments stand, this behavior will be reinforced," said Phillips.

The historian says his next step is getting the Dallas City Council to take up the issue of removing the monuments. As of now, nothing has been placed on the council calendar.