For Killeen ISD, the 2016-2017 school year has been marred by fights.

If you're the parent of a KISD high school student, you may want to keep an even closer eye on your child for the next two weeks. That's because an anonymous person is urging students to fight their peers on and off campus for the rest of the school year.

A flyer posted online encourages students to fight anyone, anywhere and at any time -- every Friday until school lets out. The flyer surfaced on Facebook and Instagram Wednesday morning and already has plenty of students and their concerned parents talking and wondering how to make it through the remainder of the school year safely.

"Since this flyer has come out, now kids are afraid to come to school and would rather stay home," Shoemaker High School freshman Asher Kirkland said.

The flyer even says to come dressed appropriately in Timberland boots and with your hair pulled back. Shoemaker High School freshman Cassie Peacock said her friend was already assaulted.

"She just got jumped for nothing, and like it's scary because you never know what's going to happen," Peacock said.

The post was found on a popular Instagram page called the KISD fighting page. With the caption "get your phones out, lets get started." Videos posted this week suggested violence was already occurring.

"I think that people are actually going to go through with it because it happens on the daily basis," Ziria Wilson, a sophomore at Shoemaker High School, said.

The latest violence comes after a fight scandal shook the district a few months ago and top administrators vowed to do better.

The district released a statement about the flyer saying:

"The district is currently investigating the social media posting. We take all matters of school safety seriously. Threats to student safety will be investigated and fighting will not be tolerated. The District will respond to credible threats accordingly, and disciplinary consequences will be assigned to those who engage in this form of behavior. The safety and security of the students and staff will remain our top priority."

If you have concerns about the flyer or your student's safety, officials said to contact your student's campus administrators. Contact information can be found here.

Killeen Police Chief Margaret Young said there would be extra patrols out around the high schools, just in case.