According to the Department of Homeland Security, on Wednesday, while Border Patrol was tracking a group of undocumented immigrants, they happened upon a woman who appeared to be suffering from a heat stroke.

Officials say that the woman was abandoned by her guide when she could no longer keep up with the rest of the group.

Emergency services were called, but because the woman was in an area inaccessible to emergency vehicles, agents had to carry her several hundred yards to their own vehicle, according to Border Patrol.

“The fact that these smugglers abandoned this young lady in the unforgiving terrain and left her to die with temperatures sweltering over one hundred degrees demonstrates how callous and heartless these smuggling organizations are,” said Laredo Sector Assistant Chief Patrol Agent Gabriel Acosta in a statement. “Had it not been for our agents’ determination to locate every single person in the group, she would have not received crucial medical assistance within the golden hour and this young lady would have succumbed to the extreme elements.”

Border Patrol says that they will continue to warn against the dangers of undocumented immigrants crossing into the United States through “dangerous environmental conditions.”