DALLAS -- Baylor University’s former Title IX coordinator Patty Crawford isn't holding back.

She says Baylor's top administrators continue a culture of indifference when it comes to sexual assaults.

"The truth is the truth, and own it and do the Christian thing,” Crawford told KENS 5 sister station WFAA on Wednesday.

She also said the university’s top administrators and her boss, CFO Reagan Ramsower, are demonizing her for speaking out about violations.

"I don't care what they say about me, honestly, but it's indicative of how they treat victims and how they blame people for trying to do the right thing,” she said.

Crawford claims she tried for months to get the university to look into more than 400 complaints across campus of sexual harassment, dating harassment, and sexual and domestic violence.

Baylor University's Waco campus

After she wrote a 13-page report outlining concerns about violations, she says her boss told her to not put anything in writing.

“’You know don't ever put anything in writing to me again,’” she says her superior at Baylor told her. “’You call me or come to my office.’”

Crawford says when she did meet with him about what victims' were saying, Ramsower questioned the victims' sanity.

"In one case, specifically, he said these women were mentally ill,” Crawford said.

She says she had trouble even getting Baylor police to release reports to help her do her job.

In May, a private law firm released a scathing report criticizing the university for ignoring victims and discouraging them from filing police reports. Members of the Baylor Board of Regents told the Wall Street Journal last week that the university had received allegations involving 17 women and 19 football players, including four alleged gang rapes, since 2011.

However, Crawford says 90 percent of the complaints she received were outside the athletic department.

“We can't give due process and have a full effective investigations without having full facts,” she said.

Ramsower told 60 Minutes Sports that he never made any derogatory remarks and that the university has worked hard to address the issues.

Baylor University has put up a website called "The Truth," in which the university says it plans to be “more transparent wherever possible” about the ongoing sexual assault scandal.

But, Crawford says nothing much has changed and the culture at Baylor continues to be toxic for women.