Baylor University responded Thursday to a tweet from a student who claimed she was called a racial slur on campus.

The student, an African American, said she was walking on campus when another student bumped into her and called her the 'N' word.

She also said another student came to her defense and when he asked the guy who pushed her why he did it, he said he was trying to make America great again.

The girl told the story in a video on Twitter. It went viral and the hashtag #IWalkWithNatasha was created.

Supporters were planning to gather Friday morning on Baylor's campus.

Baylor University issued the following statement.

The behavior is deeply disturbing and does not in any way reflect Baylor’s faith or values. We wholeheartedly condemn the behavior.

We have connected with the student and are working with her to ensure she feels safe and supported by the Baylor community.

We want to commend a bystander who intervened and defended the female student during this encounter.

“We are a caring, Christian community in which acts of violence and insensitivity have no place. As Baylor Bears, it is our responsibility to care for and treat each other with love, compassion and dignity. Any behavior short of this demands our full attention so that we can hold each other accountable while seeking to reconcile and restore damaged relationships,” said Kevin P. Jackson, Ph.D., vice president for student life.

It is important to note that any student who feels he or she has been subjected to any bias-motivated action based on race, nationality, religion, gender or age can report it at

Baylor did not respond when asked if they were able to independently confirm the report.

The University said they were investigating and would provide support for the student who made the claim.