4.5 million people in Texas do not have health insurance making the Lone Star State home to the most uninsured in the entire country.

Minorities, people without a high school diploma, and those living in poverty were more likely to be uninsured, according to data from the United States Census Bureau.

Michael Stark is a San Antonio taxi driver who said he hasn't had health insurance in 30 years. "I choose not to have it," said Stark. "I'm healthy, I don't want the expense and I'm an independent contractor so it's my choice."

According to the data, one in six Texans is uninsured.

"You're looking at many who cannot afford private insurance," said Dr. Anil Mangla, Director of Public Health at UIW. "it's just too high number. We have concerns without many of the employers that are not giving any insurance anymore so they are removing most of the insurance due to cost."

Unlike Texas, states that expanded Medicaid coverage saw their uninsured rates decrease more significantly. Nationally the uninsured rate dropped.