An SUV barreled backward through the wall of a family's home on while the family was sleeping.

The incident occurred in the 10400 block of Aristocrat Drive on the city's far west side.

The homeowner and her daughter-in-law were asleep in the home when they heard a loud crash.

The family said when they went to investigate, an SUV had crashed into the exterior wall of the home into a bedroom.

According to police, a 20-year-old driver hit a truck on the street after dropping a friend off in the area.

The driver put the SUV in reverse to leave the scene and crashed into two other vehicles, pushing them into the garage.

The driver kept going in reverse until he crashed through the brick wall of the home.

The damage was significant but no one was injured.

The homeowners said there is normally someone sleeping in that room.

"Just yesterday my grandson left," the homeowner's daughter-in-law Oralia Lichtenberger said. "Can’t imagine what would have happened if he had been."

According to police, the suspect claimed he did not remember anything. He was wearing an orange wristband that is believed to be from a nightclub.

The homeowners said after the crash, the suspect allegedly said repeatedly, "it's my fault."

The suspect faces DWI, open container and other charges for the damage at the scene.