How far are you willing to go for your canine cutie?

A report done by in celebration of National Pet Week shows that the modern-day dog owner puts their dog before nearly anything else in their life.

Check out these statistics. Can you relate?

• 27% of dog people post more pictures of their dog on social media than friends, family, or themselves.

• 46% of dog people would consider ending a relationship if they thought their dog didn’t like their partner.

Woman with her funny dog

• 75% of dog owners have used their dog or dog videos as a pick-me-up when they’re having a rough day.

• 49% of dog people sing to their dog and 28% of them make up songs to sing to their dog.

yorkshire terrier

• 60% of dog people say hello to their dog first when they come home.

-Texas pet parents are more likely to greet their dog first than the average American dog owner.

• 57% of dog owners have celebrated their dog’s birthday.

lovely teddy dog sitting in a pet cart

• 73% of dog people said they would include their dog in family moments like holiday cards, vacations and marriage proposals.

Check out the full report here.

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