After two bomb threats at UTSA this week, the school's president sent out a letter to students assuring their safety on campus. Still, some students are on edge.

Joseph Revalo and Max Wolf live near the McKinney Humanities Building where a threat was called in on Tuesday night. The first threat was at John Peace Library.

"It's alarming because it's kind of close to the dorms and it's on campus," Revalo said.

Students said that they received text alerts on both nights, alerting them to the threats.

Mia Arenyeka also received the alerts, but believes that the University should do more to communicate with students.

"The notifications, sometimes we don't get them as soon as they happen, we get them a little later," Arenyeka said. "We'll be in those buildings and no one lets us know anything."

Wolf, on the other hand, said tjat campus police did a good job.

"Although I think they could let us know what happened if they wanted to give us a little wrap up or a debriefing about it," he explained.

UTSA spokesman Joe Izbrand told us that both incidents are being investigated. In an e-mail to KENS 5, Wednesday, he wrote in part:

"We have kept our campus community informed of the situation as effectively as we can but we are not able to share additional details because an investigation is underway."

The university's interim president, Dr. Pedro Reyes, sent out a letter stating that SAPD, the FBI, and other federal authorities are working to find out who may be behind the threats.

Dr. Reyes also urged students to go about their normal routines.