SAN ANTONIO - The steps of a hero are not easy ones to take or follow.

This is a hard lesson for a country still mourning the loss of the fallen from the terrorist attack on the United States referred to by the date it happened: 9/11.

Hundreds of first responders, military personnel and citizens gather at the Tower of the Americas for the San Antonio 110's Memorial Climb.

Four years ago, the non-profit formed to pay homage to the brethren lost in 9/11. The symbolic steps are voluntary but they represent those who rushed courageously into to save lives 16 years ago but died in the line of duty.

In the San Antonio Memorial climb, participants walk the Tower of the Americas twice. Firefighters, generally, ascend and descend in full gear. To add fuel to the quest of the climb, the firefighters wear tags with name and pictures for the 343 firefighters who died in 9/11.

Seventy tags are worn for law enforcement and nine for EMS who killed in the line of duty on the same day are worn by those who make the climb.

San Antonio Fire Station 35 will pay tribute to fallen San Antonio firefighter Scott Deem. He was killed in a strip mall fire in May.

According to San Antonio 110, 50 agencies are expected to attend representing 500 first responders. They expect more than 1,000 others to come to the climb too.

The organization is also using the climb to solicit items for hurricane assistance relief.