As the city prepares to celebrate Fiesta, Mayor Ivy Taylor is spreading her vision for San Antonio’s future.

On Wednesday, Mayor Taylor gave her State of the City address, highlighting what she says is a pivotal moment for the Alamo City. She did that through the theme, “A City with Heart.”

“I just wanted to get everyone energized around who we are,” said Mayor Taylor, who reflected on what she said was the city’s emotional identity, recalling the citizens who volunteered to help when tornadoes ripped through Alamo Heights.

She made reference to Fiesta, and the city’s deep cultural roots. And it’s through that spirit that she says the city will move forward into one of its most important years.

Next month, San Antonians vote on a historic $850-million bond. There will also be a mayoral election, allowing voters to weigh in on whose vision they believe in and which leader they want to see it through.

Meanwhile, city leaders will debate over a transportation crisis along I-35 as the city’s population is expected to nearly double. Capping that off is a planned redesign of the iconic Alamo and a tricentennial celebration, which Mayor Taylor says will play a big role.

“To continue to put San Antonio on the global stage so that we can continue to attract businesses and grow jobs,” Mayor Taylor said.

The mayor's speech largely avoided political rhetoric, but at one point she did delve into a big national issue, praising San Antonio’s immigrant population, the city's relationship with Mexico, and NAFTA.

She explained to KENS 5 that she feels the business community should be vocal about the importance of NAFTA to elected leaders, although she did not name any elected leaders specifically.