Spring Meadows Elementary School in Judson ISD was broken into twice this weekend forcing students out of their classrooms while crews work to clean up the damage. This is at least the fifth time the school has been vandalized this year.

The Judson ISD spokesperson said that a group of young people or teenagers broke into the school through windows on both Saturday and Sunday evenings.

According to video surveillance footage, two or three young people appear to have broken through a window and splattered blue watercolor paint all over the classroom's textbooks and computers officials say.

On Sunday, there was a second break-in and this time the suspects threw what appeared to be cooking flour and honey everywhere.

"In both cases, it was significant damage and it's going to be awhile to clean this up. We've got our own maintenance crew that is kind of cleaning up a lot of it, but it's probably going to warrant a professional group," said Steve Linscomb, Judson ISD spokesperson.

Linscomb said it’s unclear if the same group of young people broke into the school both days.

"We feel the video is at least good enough where we can possibly recognize the individuals," he said.

This is at least the fifth time Spring Meadows Elementary School has been broken into since the beginning of the school year. While the district spokesperson didn't want to give specifics about their plans, he said they will beef up security at the school.

"We are going to be having more patrols and we're going to be making some adjustments to the security systems that we already have in place," Linscomb said.

Nothing was stolen from either classroom this weekend.

According to Linscomb, three suspects have been taken into custody and all three have admitted to both incidents. The suspects include two ninth grade males and an eighth grade female.

Linscomb said they will be charged with criminal mischief. As of right now, the damage is estimated to be about $5,000.