Morgan's Wonderland is an ultra-accessible theme park designed with special-needs individuals in mind, but where everyone can play, said Ron Morander, the park's general manager.

The park has redesigned a popular attraction. Water Works is a water feature table that offers parkgoers of all ages a place to cool down in a fun and education way.

"The downside of ultra-accessibility is there's a lot of concrete here," Morander said. "So it may be great for mobility issues, but when the concrete gets hot in the Texas summer it stays hot and a lot of our guests have trouble cooling themselves off."

The water feature has been a popular attraction at the park for the past six years. Due to the frequent use, it needed to be refurbished and reworked. Morander said the new table is bigger and offers different features than the previous model.

"We have a number of things where kids can just splash and have a good time and get a little wet," Morander said.

The popularity of the Water Works table has been the inspiration for the world’s first ultra-accessible splash park, called Morgan's Inspiration Island, which is coming to Morgan's Wonderland in spring 2017.