In just a matter of days, a senior center on the south side will be closing it's doors, at least for now.

It's a place seniors have been able to go to for more than 30 years, but a lacking of funding is causing the doors to close indefinitely.

El Carmen Senior Center is part of the Archdiocese of San Antonio.

“It is important to tend to the needs of those in need. That's our calling as Christians and that is precisely what the center does,” said Alejandro Orbezo.

Orbezo is the associate director of communications for the Archdiocese of San Antonio. The senior center is a small and modest building, but it’s a place for seniors living on the far south side to go. A place where they could get a meal, socialize and find friendship.

“They also have events you know like their Valentines dances and stuff like that. You got your king and queen, it’s something they look forward to,” said El Carmen Catholic Church parishioner Mike Arocha.

The problem is, after more than three decades of serving the community, there’s not enough funding, short by about $31,000. Forcing the doors to close indefinitely.

“Hopefully for no longer than one year until the funds can be gathered,” said Orbezo.

Arocha said he has known plenty of seniors who have enjoyed the senior center over the years and he hopes he can someday too.

“It’s important to have this center here for the elderly, of course, we ourselves are getting older, I mean if they take this away from us, or from them, where are we going to end once we get to that age?” said Arocha.

The church and community will now lean on its faith and pray that a private donor will come forward.

“Of course we’re praying for that and hopefully the Lord will hear us and it will come through,” said Arocha.

The program will officially be suspended on Friday. If you’re interested in helping, you can contact the church at 210-626-2333.