All three survivors of a terrible rollover crash that happened Tuesday in south Bexar County have now been released from the hospital.

Three family members died when a blowout sent their vehicle careening into a rollover.

Viewing the wreckage from Chopper 5, it is hard to believe that a 14-month old child strapped in a car seat escaped with just a couple of scrapes.

Family member Steve Aboytez said even though early posts on social media indicated the child was ejected during the crash, that was not true.

Aboytez said "He was not ejected. He only suffered two scrapes, one on his forehand and one on his hand. Other than that he only had the rash from the harness from the actual car seat."

Aboytez called the child’s survival a miracle.

The adult survivors are too shaken to talk about the experience, but Aboytez said they are all very grateful to all the people who stopped to render aid, especially a retired nurse.

"I believe a retired nurse, either by the name of Abdi or Abbie, she was I guess the one that was helping out before the paramedics got there," Aboytez said.

“My understanding is that a lot of people were actually helping. There were people with each individual that was in the wreck. And they (the survivors) really wanted to express their gratitude,” Aboytez said.

He said the family finds some comfort in knowing their loved ones were not alone in their worst moment.

He added the two adults are healing physically, but the emotional toll is high.

“The gentleman that was in the vehicle suffered two broken ribs and the other female that survived she has two fingers that are fractured,” Aboytez said.

The group of six had visited family in Austin and was returning to Reynosa, Mexico, when their world changed forever.

Now, the extended family is just trying to get everyone home.

Aboytez said “You know when family gets together, you just try to be there for them.”

Aboytez said with a loss this great, it is hard to know what to do to help the survivors.

“They're all staying here in our house. We're helping them out as much as we can, trying to have them recover. You know, it's hard to even try and help them out with their losses, right?” Aboytez said.

Aboytez said “My wife and I are trying to gather funds from friends and family and whoever could donate something to pay for the funeral arrangements and the medical bills because I know they had insurance for medical expenses but for whatever else was left, for it to get covered.”

He added it is impossible to be prepared for a loss this sudden and catastrophic.

The Bexar County Medical Examiner has positively identified two of the three people who died.

They are 55-year-old Edith Maldonado Martinez and three-year-old Yosgarth Barajas Garcia.

The name of the 30-year-old woman who died has not been officially released.

For the family's Go Fund Me campaign, click here.