A massive southeast-side asphalt shingle dump is now facing enforcement action from the City of San Antonio, as well as the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

City Code Compliance officers have visited the site in the 72-hundred block of South WW White Road.

They left citations on the gate for running an operation without the proper zoning and for not having the proper operating permits.

Neighbors have hope in the citations since they have been under siege for several months and begging for help.

A crowd of people who live near the location showed up Tuesday afternoon to discuss their concerns.

Every person there said they have had multiple flat tires or ruined tires caused by roofing nails scattered in the roadway by the trucks using the disposal site.

Neighbor Debra Seabers, who has been leading the effort to get relief, said "I think everyone here could say our main concern was safety,"

Seabers said even though the business stopped operating a couple of weeks ago, the danger continues because trucks full of waste are now finding the gates to the facility locked.

She claimed the fully loaded trucks back up into a blind curve, causing a hazard for drivers who cannot see the danger ahead.

Neighbor Deborah Brehm agreed, and said "It is a very critical safety issue. Just this morning there was a trailer with two flat tires driving very slowly trying to leave the area,"

Because Rosillo Creek is adjacent to the property, neighbor Larry Brehm said he worries about environmental concerns.

"It flows into the Salado Creek, which flows into the San Antonio River, so more than likely, that dump is in the floodplain. So what's going to happen is all that stuff is going to go into that creek ultimately, going into Salado and the San Antonio River. Then we're going to have an environmental issue and it's going to have to be cleaned up," Brehm said.

A spokesman for City Council District 3 representative Rebecca Viagran said the operators of the business are due in Municipal Court to answer to the charges on May 23.

The TCEQ has also moved to bring the operation into compliance with state law.

An agreed order concerning the property alleges that during inspections conducted last year, the business was found to be accepting municipal solid waste for pay without a permit.

The court document also states that the operation also disturbed the protective cap for a landfill that used to operate at the location but had been properly closed and sealed.

The TCEQ estimates the pile of unauthorized shingle waste to be almost 34-thousand cubic feet of material.

The proposed agreed order obtained by TCEQ lists three operators responsible for the facility.

Operators include JML Energy Resources LLC of Brentwood, Tennessee, Jason McCullar and Delhi Services LLC.

The phone number for JML Energy Resources has been disconnected. A message left at the listed home of Jason McCullar was not answered.

A registered address for Delhi Services is a northwest-side attorney's office. That attorney was not in the office and did not return calls from KENS 5.

A TCEQ spokesman said a final order in this matter has not been approved by the commissioners and that the respondents have denied the allegations against them.