Floresville residents are not only burying loved ones from Sutherland Springs, they’re dealing with recent scares. There have been recent situations that have caused some residents to be on edge.

First thing on Wednesday morning, parents got an alert from the school district that three schools were placed on lock-down due to a reported armed suspect. The suspect reportedly hit a school bus with no students inside. It happened in front of Floresville High School before school started. The lock-down was lifted before 7 in the morning. The suspect reportedly ran, and according to a witness was armed. Police were able to catch-up to him later, and he was apprehended off campus.

Ernest Devora has lived in Floresville for quite some time. Devora and some of the crew at the Devora and Lucio Barbershop said they can’t believe what is happening.

“It is out of the ordinary,” he said.

It is not just the school scare Wednesday morning, there was another scare last week. There were reports of an active shooter near where Vice President Mike Pence was going to speak, but it ended up being a false alarm.

“People are scared to do anything nowadays, of any little thing that goes on,” Devora said. “Of course, we try to protect our children, and protect ourselves.”

Devora and his dad, who co-owns the shop, said that despite being on edge everyone is rallying together trying to remain positive.

“People are afraid of what may happen, but you can’t give up and give in to what all has happened,” he said. You have to continue moving along. You have to continue protecting your children, and you have to believe in a lot of prayer.”

The suspect’s name in the school incident has not been released. KENS 5 reached out to Floresville Police but were told officers were busy with the funerals of the Holcombe family.