SAN ANTONIO -- A carjacking victim escaped with his vehicle. He did not fare as well dodging gunfire from an armed robber.

The San Antonio Police Department said it received a call for a shooting victim in the 3500 block of Weir Avenue just after 12:30 a.m. Tuesday. Todd Agosto drove to the address to get away from an armed robber trying to steal his white Dodge Charger.

Investigators said the victim was sleeping in his vehicle on the eastbound shoulder of Highway 90 in the area of Cupples Road when a man tapped on his window. Police said this was before the 29-year-old knew the man pulled out a gun.

Before Agosto could escape, the gunman fired off at least two shots. The victim was struck in the arm. He was taken to University Hospital with non-critical injuries.

The robber got away. Police said they could not find evidence of a crime scene as described. The would-be carjacking suspect faces a charge of aggravated robbery.