SAN ANTONIO -- He's asking for your vote for one of the most powerful and important positions in San Antonio, but it turns out that he barely has a voting record himself.

Candidate for sheriff, Javier Salazar explained his voting record.

Salazar first registered to vote less than a year ago, in November. Since then, he's cast a ballot four times, voting as a Democrat.

"What you hear a lot from people as they're registering is they don't like the political rhetoric, that's thrown around," said Salazar. "They don't like the mudslinging and the non-issues that are thrown around, and like many people, I was somewhat disillusioned with the political process."

The Democratic candidate for sheriff has been with the San Antonio Police Department for 23 years, serving in internal affairs, as the department spokesman, and now in the public integrity unit.

"I'm not a career politician," said Salazar. "I've always said I'm new to the political process, but I'm not new to law enforcement."

His opponent, current Bexar County Sheriff Susan Pamerleau, said she's not a career politician either.

"People who serve in the military aren't career politicians, and everyday Americans, grassroots Americans, they're not politicians either, but they vote," said the Republican candidate for sheriff.

By contrast, Salazar's voting record, Pamerleau has been a registered voter in Bexar County since 1998. She's voted in every election since at least 2010, voting as a Republican since 1998.

Before serving in her first and only term as sheriff, Pamerleau was senior vice president at USAA, and before that, she served in the Air Force for 32 years.

"You know it's a real disappointment that he doesn't have more regard for civic duty than when it is self-serving," she said.