Residents in a neighborhood north of downtown are furious after vandals used rocks to shatter their car windows.

Multiple people living in Beacon Hill are having to spend hundreds of dollars to repair the damage.

David Garcia lives in the 900 block of West Kings Highway. He woke up Sunday morning and found the window of his van shattered.

"The first thing that ran through my mind was, 'was I targeted?'" Garcia said.

Sharp pieces of glass are everywhere - inside the van and outside on the street. Garcia still hasn't moved the rock that caused the damage.

"It wasn't until the police came over and explained that I was not the only person," Garcia said.

Across the street, an SUV's windshield was destroyed. The owner did not want to go on camera but said this was his only way to get around. Repairs will cost him 200 dollars and a full day of work. He and Garcia both filed police reports.

Garcia gave officers an image captured from a camera in his front yard. "You can tell there's a flatbed that's being driven around with a couple people on the back side of it," he said.

KENS 5 reached out to SAPD to find out if there were any other reports filed Sunday morning.

There were two criminal mischief calls on West King's Highway and two on the next street over. Garcia said through social media, he's found more victims.

"I posted pictures of my vehicle damage (on the Beacon Hill Neighborhood Facebook Page) and sure enough it sparked this whole thread of other people noticing their vehicles had been damaged."

After seeing all those affected in his neighborhood, Garcia has words for the people responsible.

"You don't realize what you're doing is causing people grief and this is money people don't have to repair their vehicles," Garcia said.