With a final Senate vote, the Texas "Bathroom bill" is one step closer to becoming law.

If passed, the bill would require that people use public restrooms and locker rooms that match the biological sex that's listed on their birth certificate.

Some local business owners and tourism leaders are concerned about the economic impact the legislation could have.

"We like to think that our restrooms are kind of like the way they are at home," John Dominguez, the owner of 350 baking company, said. "It's open to everybody."

Dominguez is worried that Senate Bill 6 will have negative effects on tourism, trickling down to his business.

Visit San Antonio said the tourism industry is already suffering losses.

"We've lost two meetings that were considering San Antonio that have already backed out," Richard Oliver with Visit San Antonio said. "That's about $3 million of economic impact."

The bill could also cost San Antonio big economic drivers like the 2018 NCAA Final Four Championship and the NAACP Convention.

"We have total 11 groups in the future that have looked at San Antonio and told us 'listen if this bill passes we will not be coming to San Antonio,'" Oliver said. "By our calculations, you add that up, it's more than $39 Million."

However, supporters like Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick said the bill is about safety first.

"It's about preventing a free pass to sexual predators who are not transgendered from being able to walk into any bathroom with any child or any woman at any time," Patrick said.

Senate Bill 6 now moves on to the Texas House for a vote, where it may be an uphill fight.

House Speaker Republican Joe Straus, from San Antonio, said he is not a fan of the bill.