The Houston Police Department has taken a major hit from Harvey. Now, police departments in our area are doing what they can to lighten the load for those officers over the next few weeks.

The Seguin Police Department is making sure their Houston counterparts are well taken care of as they continue to navigate through the aftermath of Harvey.

“Lord knows what is going on with the officers in their personal lives,” said Seguin Police spokesman Carlos Contreras. “What they lost? Cars. Houses. Displaced family. And, it’s unfortunate. However, as an officer, we still know we have to put on the uniform, lace up the boots, and serve and protect our community.”

It all started with a Facebook post from the Houston Police Officers Union which requested the basic items like socks and underwear. It only took a few hours for officers and the community in Seguin to respond.

“We’ve had people coming in and out, and they’ve done it with a happy and gracious heart,” Contreras said.

Dozens of boxes will be sent to Houston in Seguin Police SUVs on Thursday.

On Wednesday, more help will be sent to Houston in the form of manpower. The San Antonio Police Department sent 30 officers to help in Houston along with 19 additional patrol cars.