SEGUIN – The Seguin Police Department is changing the way they protect their community, armed with new ammunition.

This week SPD got two Lewis Machine & Tool 40 mm Less Than Lethal Launchers. The name explains it pretty well.

The idea is the department can use it to fire rubber bullet and foam ammunition before reaching for their guns.

For Sandra Easy, who calls Seguin home, said a strong relationship between officers and the city means a safer place for her family.

“Especially for the young children growing up to be sure there is no fear of police,” Easy said.

She appreciates the new option for officers to stop suspects without seriously hurting them.

“It would stop them in whatever they were doing. The impact is not serious injury but it can if it’s used improperly,” Officer Carlos Contreras said.

The launchers have a bigger range than the 21-foot-range for Tasers, which means officers can be further back when trying to apprehend a suspect.

The decision to buy them was made separately from the protests over police shootings sweeping across the nation but is now a part of the answer about use of force in Seguin.

“We are trying our best to use the tools in the market for less lethal situations instead of reverting straight to deadly force,” Officer Contreras said.

San Antonio police and the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office use similar gear. Officers are able to fire bean bags from shotguns.