"Lock it down, Seguin!"

That's the slogan for the Seguin Police Department's new routine.

Every night, they want the city to ring with everyone locking their car doors to prevent burglaries.

"At 9 pm, we should hear parts of the city or hopefully the whole city just locking their doors," said Officer Carlos Contreras, Spokesman for the Seguin Police Department.

At 9 o'clock sharp, the Seguin Police sends out an alert on social media reminding everyone to lock the doors.

"'It's 10 o'clock, do you know where your children are?' It's the same type of concept," said Contreras. "Hey, it's 9 p.m. Did you lock your car doors?"

Contreras says there is no uptick in car burglaries, the routine is simply a proactive approach to keep criminals out of town.

"Car burglaries are a crime of opportunity," he said. "When citizens or people leave their doors unlocked, suspects check those things."

'Lock It Down, Seguin' stems from the '#9PMRoutine' in Pasco County, Florida to make citizens more aware of a preventable crime.

"Based on their statistics, they came up with about a 30% decrease in car burglaries," said Contreras. "We've helped neighborhoods communicate with one another not only to remind each other, 'Hey, lock your doors!' but also, 'Hey, is this person supposed to be around this place?'"

People from across the nation are joining in, with 15,000 people viewing the department's social media videos about the routine.

"They don't just live in the City of Seguin. They live everywhere," said Contreras.

Seguin police want the community to build a habit. The more locked doors, the less likely your valuables could go missing.

"It's not just for nighttime. It's wherever you're at," said Contreras. "If you're going to the grocery store, lock your door. If you're going to the post office, lock your door. If you're going anywhere, lock your door."

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