SAN ANTONIO- Thousands of people will be running to San Antonio this weekend for the 10th Annual Rock 'N' Roll Marathon.

San Antonio City Manager Sheryl Sculley brought it to the city when she first took the position more than a decade ago.

"There were many people who said it can't be done in San Antonio," Sculley said. "[that] it's not an active, fit community, but we did it anyway."

That year, the city hosted the largest first-time race in the Rock 'N' Roll Marathon series. Since then, Sculley said she's seen a shift in the way people view fitness.

"When I came to San Antonio I'd go out and run in different parts of the city, there were very few runners back then," Sculley said. "Now when I go out to run in parks or on the river walk there are runners and walkers everywhere."

A more active city has meant a much bigger race. 26,000 runners from all 50 states and 21 different countries will participate this weekend. No one is excluded.

"For those who have a physical disability, which is really an ability because they're out there participating in the marathon, we're excited to have that division as a part of the race," Sculley said.

What advice does the woman who helps run the city have for those who will be running the 26.2-mile route?

"It's about moving," Sculley said. "It's not how fast you run, but rather fitness and being healthy."

The race kicks off downtown on Saturday, December 2 and goes through December 3. The starting line is located at Sunset Station on Hoefgen Avenue.