Wednesday celebrated "National Women Learn to Surf Day!

Women of all ages lined up at Schlitterbahn's "Boogie Bahn" to get a lesson from the pros.

KENS 5 joined the "Women of the Wave".

"So if you come to Schlitterbahn on a normal day to ride the Boogie Bahn, there's lots of young men, young ladies and grown men. Then there's this group of people, the women, who are a little intimidated," Terri Adams, Chief Operating Officer of Schlitterbahn Waterpark said.

Who says you need a beach to surf?

Inside the world's first inland surf ride, gals of all ages brought their families and lined up to ride the perfect wave.

"That's what today is all about. Empowering women to come surf....They're finding out it's not scary, it's fun!" Adams said. "It's a place for beginners to come learn to surf with no sharks!"

"I'm 58 years old and I want to go do this before I can't," Austin resident, Mary Sheffield, who was the first in line to surf with her daughter said. "I'm so impressed with my ability to do this now! It's wonderful!"

"I didn't really wanna go on it, but I did and it was actually really fun!" Kara Leftwich said. "I think it's fun because you can surf and you don't have to go to the beach."

Most aspiring surfers are men.

Inland surfing champions and mother/daughter duo Cathy and Morgan Seabert want to help raise the profile of women in this sport.

Wednesday morning, they helped beginners shake off that intimidation and maneuver the water.

"Being in the water, for me, is really fun because I do swim and I would like to surf when I'm older," Megan Leftwich said. "We're focused on trying to do tricks but we're also proud and excited that we're actually on the board."

Just an extra dose of confidence and anyone can do it!

"Hold your elbows in, keep your feet in the water, and just make sure you can stay on the wave," Adams, who was also the first woman to surf inland on the Boogie Bahn said. "Then slowly, after riding it a few times, you can work up to being on your knees and doing some spins or some rolls!"

Before you know it, you're back in line to ride again.

"I feel free. I feel fun. I feel alive," Sheffield said. "I feel like I'm not the responsible person with so many things I have to do all the time. It's a real release of pressure."

Plus, in the end, you get bragging rights.

If you'd like to learn to surf, you can do so at any time at Boogie Bahn with the help of team members at Schlitterbahn Waterpark.