SAN ANTONIO - A record number of people are expected to travel during this Thanksgiving holiday week, and that includes locals flying out of San Antonio International Airport.

If you’re staying in town, but need to pick up someone from the airport, then you’ll be glad to know the short-term parking garage is now open.

As travelers were putting their belts back on after walking through the TSA security check, there were smooth sounds coming from a guitar. It’s probably not the first place you would think of finding a guitarist, but that was the scene Wednesday. It’s a way to keep travelers in good spirits.

For the most part, passengers were in good spirits, at least after the morning rush, as they were able to get to their airline gate with ease.

“I breezed through. Three people were in line in front of me. It was awesome. I got here at 2:30 p.m. for a 5 p.m. flight expecting horror, and it was not. It was wonderful,” said Tracey Richard.

“It was more relaxed, laid back, easier to get through security, and more efficient it seems than a lot of other airports,” said Matt Warner.

It wasn’t just passengers flying out that were happy. Just in time for the holiday rush, the new short-term parking garage opened Saturday. It's allowing people to park closer and walk straight into the airport.

“I think what we liked most about it, especially from what my husband mentioned, was not having to walk across the street with the kids. We were able to walk just straight in the airport,” said Ashley Parham.

“They had people there directing you where to go, so we got down from an elevator and just walked right over. Right up the steps, and you’re right in the baggage claim,” said Mike Kelco.

One of the features on the garage will be the new park assist system. It's not only keeping a total on how many of the 1,200 new spots are available, but also letting you know where you can find a spot.

There are a line of lights that run up and down the rows. They will light up either red or green if a spot is available.