SAN ANTONIO – On Monday, the day after Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed Senate Bill 4, also known as the ‘sanctuary cities’ bill, San Antonio Police Chief William McManus addressed its effect in San Antonio.

The chief said his main concern is the fear that could be instilled in the San Antonio community once the bill goes into effect.

“We don’t want people to go and fly under the radar,” McManus said. “We want people to continue to cooperate with police, interact with them, help us solve crimes and deter them.”

McManus said with this bill, he and other law enforcement across the state believe people might shy away from helping police in fear they might be asked about their immigration status.

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“There’s nothing positive that this bill does for the community or law enforcement,” McManus said. “This is a federal problem and not local law enforcement problem.”

He testified against the bill in Austin with other local police chiefs.

“Austin didn’t seem to want to listen to its local law enforcement,” the chief said.

When asked what training his officers will have to go through in light of the new law, McManus said everyone in the department will be trained on the federal immigration laws. That training could take up to a year.

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