The San Antonio Police Department has been busy this Christmas.

They've served their normal duties of serving and protecting San Antonio but also went the extra mile to make sure their communities had a happy holiday.

According to several Facebook posts, local officers were spotted around town, bringing gifts and food to those who had neither this Christmas.

One post, shared by the SAPD West SAFFE Facebook page, included photos of Officer Marc Valero helping a west-side family. The original poster said that the family didn't have food or gifts for their son. The officer was able to provide barbacoa and tacos, and even bought a bicycle for the child.

SAPD Central SAFFE posted today on Facebook that they had received a call from a family in need. He and his children were staying at a hotel after he had lost his job. He did not have presents for his kids.

Officers decided to help the family, gathering donated toys and delivering them to the children.

According to the department, when they arrived at the hotel, they found more children without toys. The officers were able to provide them with extra gifts they had brought with them.

The department stated on Facebook that "days like these we really love our job of bringing joy" to those in need.