According to a "Use of Force" report from the San Antonio Police Department, the officer that appeared to harm a 14-year-old girl in a viral video in May says that the girl was not hurt and that alcohol was involved.

The report also states that the officer suffered minor injuries.

The video of SAPD officers using force to subdue a group of teenagers went viral in late May and had citizens calling for the officers to be punished for using excessive force.

April Johnson, the victim's mother, spoke out about the incident after it happened.

“If you can’t handle your job, don’t do it. If you have that much aggression, maybe you should have called in that day because there’s no point, the way you hit a 14-year-old child,” Johnson said. “You hit this child in front of everyone and you exposed this child in front of everyone. You need to be taken off the streets.”

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Johnson also hired an attorney that is helping the family with the legal aspects of the case.

“What I do know and what we see on the video is that this officer made physical and violent contact with the face of this 14-year-old,” said Tess House, the Johnson family’s attorney, back in May. “We want the SAPD Officer’s Association to be honest and critical of when their officers should not serve in that capacity anymore.”