SAN ANTONIO - San Antonio Police Department Officer Thomas Fields makes hand-crafted leather goods on his off time, and now he's made a special piece honoring his SAPD brothers.

Fields made a leather wallet, engraved with a SAPD badge, and is placing it up for auction.

"I wanted it to be a memorial for the officers that were shot," he said.

The wallet took hours to make, and the badge showcases a thin blue line to honor the officers. Fields, a police officer himself, felt compelled to help when he heard about his SAPD brothers.

"When it happened, I was on duty," he said. "To hear that over the radio, I mean, your heart just sinks."

While he's a police officer full time, he has a side business called Low Key Leatherworks. He makes custom leather goods, right out of his bedroom.

Fields said the auction is getting a lot of attention. "It shows me there's still faith in police from the community," he said. "You don't always feel that, so it feels really good."

As he looks at the finished wallet, Fields said he reflects on his fellow officers. "It was hard (making it)," he said. "I knew why I was making it, but it's heartbreaking."

The auction to own one this wallet can be found here at Low Key Leatherworks' Facebook page. The winning bidder is taking home the wallet for $1,000.