Just one day after one San Antonio police officer was laid to rest, Saturday two officers were taken to the hospital for evaluation for minor injuries.

Both complained of feeling ill after being exposed to an unknown substance while answering a call for a disturbance in the 5100 block of Tomas Circle in the medical center area.

Police on the scene said someone in the home called 911 because of a disturbance.

Police said they found a woman locked in a bedroom with illegal drugs and items that led them to suspect a possible drug manufacturing operation.

The two officers complained of feeling lightheaded, so EMS took them to the hospital for evaluation.

Police also called for a special team to evaluate what might be in the home.

Police say the woman may face drug charges.

A man who was also in the home is not expected to face charges.

Except for the flurry of emergency vehicles blocking the street, neighbors say this is usually a peaceful area and they expressed surprise at waking up to find crime scene tape hanging from a nearby house.