SAN ANTONIO -- Brothers in blue came together today to raise money for the 12-year-old daughter of a fellow officer who is battling leukemia.

Sylvia and Daniel's daughter Carolina was diagnosed with the disease in September.

"When I pulled up to see all the police and firefighters here just supporting us and all of our friends and family came out. It's just an unbelievable feeling to know we have this much support," said Sylvia Cantu.

Carolina has been undergoing rounds of chemo that she said makes her feel "yucky and weird."

"It's hard. It's trying. But we are strong. We keep together and we make it work with what we have, with what we can do," Daniel Cantu said.

One thing making it easier, at least financially, a BBQ plate fundraiser held Wednesday afternoon by SAPD officers at the Prue Road substation, along with a silent auction.

All the proceeds go right to the family.

"This is going to help offset the ability for us to stay with our daughter and take care of her because ultimately she is our priority," Sylvia said.

But this isn't the only thing Carolina has had to battle in her life.

"She's actually ADHD and she's dyslexic. With that and this and she was a victim of bullying at one point in time," Sylvia said.

Now with leukemia the focus she spends a lot of time going to the doctor. But so does her service dog Crash. Who Carolina said is a three to four-month-old boxer.

"He senses that she is not feeling good and he jumps right on her and hugs her and he puts his face on her and he brings down her insecurities," said Sylvia.

The plate sale may be over but you can still help Carolina and the Cantu family in several ways:

  • By dropping off donations at the Prue Road SAPD substation
  • By purchasing a "CarolinaCan2 t-shirt by emailing Marissa Berry at
  • Visit the GoFundMe page set up for assistance at