SAN ANTONIO - No amount of rain on Saturday could put a damper on the San Antonio Police Department's Memorial Festival Car Show. Especially because for many survivors, like Shavawn Brozovic, it serves as a healing experience.

“29 years ago [Saturday], my father was in a coma,” Brozovic said. “He was Ofc. Eddie Gorrell, he was shot Feb. 22, 1988, exactly one week after his 34th birthday.”

The event honors officers like Gorrell, and more recently Det. Benjamin Marconi, who were killed in the line of duty. It's also meant to support the families they left behind all too soon.

“They truly have a servant's heart,” Brozovic said. “For them to turn around and bury their feelings and to be that rock for the families, there's no amount of words or gratitude that I could express.”

SAPD Sgt. Tina Baron said benefits from this year's car show will go to Marconi’s family.

“We're going to be sending his family to the national memorial in May for National Police Week,” Baron said.

It’s another occasion which honors those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. Brozobic said it’s at these kinds of events that she feels most connected to her father's memory.

“You’re surrounded by other children who have lost their loved one, and you realize you're in your own little secret club that nobody really wants to be in,” Brozovic said. “Once you're in it, you really know that you're loved.”