SAN ANTONIO – A man was taken into custody following an early morning incident downtown Wednesday morning.

The accident happened near the intersection of South Frio Street and West Cesar Chavez Boulevard.

According to police on the scene, around 4 a.m. Wednesday a San Antonio police officer noticed a red Ford mustang following his patrol vehicle.

The officer pulled over and stopped. He then stepped out of the vehicle and demanded that the man show his hands.

The man then rammed the Mustang into the back end of the officer’s patrol car.

The officer was not injured and two dogs were in the Mustang with the man at the time.

“He wouldn’t get out of the car,” the officer said. “We finally got him out of the car. The fight was on.”

Family members of the man told police he has mental health issues.

Police took him into custody as an emergency detention for his own safety.